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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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all three challengers are making property tax reduction a centerpiece of the mayoral campaign. >> these things are not just coming out of the sky. courts for years, -- >> for years, baltimore county has had property-tax is almost double that of its neighbors. rate rounds of to 2.27% compared to surrounding areas at just 1%. catherine putte says she will cut its in half by 2014. a spokesman says her role plan is still in the works. another promised 50% cuts over 10 years. landers believes a 25% to 30% cut is more realistic. he wants to overhaul the tax system to overhaul occupied
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properties and lower the rate on an occupied. >> the type of dramatic reductions that many are talking about are high in the sky and that is not who i am. >> why do you call it high in the sky? >> because it is not realistic and it is not me saying it. experts that have come forward already have said that these plans are in complete, number one, and they are not sound fiscal policy, no. 2. >> rawlings-blake says her administration is committed to responsible reduction. in what is your plan? >> will have plenty of time in the campaign to talk about what that is. >> baltimore's personal property tax rate imposed on businesses is also at least double the rate of surrounding counties. some economists say one way to reduce the tax rates is to stop providing so many tax breaks for
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developers. >> the sister of a marine shot and killed by a baltimore city police officer took the stand the murder trial today. barry simms was there for testimony. he joins us live. >> this was definitely a bold move by the defense in an attempt to show that the marine, tyrone brown, was the aggressor and not the officer. >> called by the defense as a witness, she wept at times during testimony. but she very calmly portrayed her brother as the person trying to make peace during the confrontation with the officer. >> it was definitely risky to put her on the stand. obviously, she favors the prosecution in this case, but the hope was always that she would tell the truth about what
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she witnessed. >> lt. dwight has filed a civil suit on behalf of the victim, tyrone brown. >> it was a risk, and i think he took the bad and he lost it. >> the officer is accused of shooting the marine 12 times. the victim's sister testified that he patted a woman on the but after leaving a bar in 2010. she said she told a brother not to do that. the woman said it was disrespectful and attended to slap him she said he apologized and brad -- brad eurand and pushed it away. then the officer came up -- grabbed her hand and push it away. then the officer came up and said, "now what?" and began waving the gun in the air. he was yelling "get your
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expletive on the ground." the marine told him to call down.m >> she said her brother had his hands raised and later adam -- that biocide with his palms open. the officer never identified -- and later had them by his side with his palms open. she said the officer never identified himself. >> without question he did identify itself. >> another witness testified that he did identify himself. she also testified that he slapped her heart on the rear and after she slapped him it look like he was going to hit her. both witnesses testified they are the gunshots.
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-- heard the gunshots. the victim's sister said cheered him say "he shot me" and then he fell to the ground -- said she heard him say, "he shot me" and nannie fell to the ground. >> a purse snatcher, on camera in howard county. a woman as all that another woman and a bar and then ran off with her purse. -- a woman assaulted another woman at a bar and then ran off with her purse. >> it happened over memorial day weekend, but please just recently got the video. -- police recently got the video. >> as the woman starts to walk by, the suspects director in the face and she falls to the ground. you can nancy the suspect punching and heating her and grabbing her purse and running from the bar. >> it happened early in the morning on may 29. luckily, the 27-year-old victim was only treated for minor eri injuries on the scene.
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>> she was hurt -- for minor injuries on the scene. >> she was hurt and shaken up. >> the bar owner thinks the suspect was a guest at a birthday party. he said this is highly unusual. >> nothing like that ever happens here. it is always laid back. we have a little bit of an older crowd. >> please do believe this is an isolated incident and do not think that -- police do believe this is an isolated incident and do not think that the two women knew each other. >> in this video it was like the suspect is waiting and watching people coming in. while we do not believe that she knew this woman, we do think she was targeted, perhaps because she was female or because of her size. >> take a good look at the suspect and call police if you recognize her. >> there is a $500 reward if -- for information leading to an
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arrest. >> a 14-year-old, who police say was getting driving lessons, drove her and's van into lake montebello. baltimore city police say the 14-year-old, her aunts, and a great aunt were able to climb out of the van. no one was injured. it appears the 14-year-old accidentally accelerated, drove through the gate and into the water. charges are pending against the oaunt. a new poll shows dissatisfaction with the president's handling of the economy has the deficit reaches a new high. >> nicole killion has the latest. >> president obama got a bounce in the polls after the obama -- after the bin laden killing, but now that approval seems to be
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fading. >> according to a new poll, obama hit new lows in approval over the economy 57% of americans surveyed say the economic recovery has not even begun. 66% think the country is on the wrong track. at a meeting with german chancellor angela merkel, he said the country is not ready to hit the panic button. >> i am not concerned about a double-dip recession. i am concerned about the fact that the recovery we are on is not producing jobs as quickly as i want to happen. >> jobs and the economy are emerging as the major issues tim pawlenty blasted the president on his home turf of chicago. >> our president needs to enter economic we have and the american people need to stop his policies cold turkey. -- economic rehab and the
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american people need to stop its policies cold turkey. >> the administration has time to bolster the president's position, but they ought to be under no illusions about where they are right now. they are in trouble. but senior white house officials told me the administration gets it when it comes to the economy. wednesday, more initiatives are expected to be announced to train more workers for jobs in washington. >> the department of health and mental hygiene says two people have died in the past 10 days from excessive heat exposure. the victims was -- where a man from cecil county and a woman from anne arundel county. both for over the age of 65 and had a underlying medical problems. this is a reminder to check on elderly family members and neighbors.
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and you can go to for a list of local cooling centers. >> and he is expected to return. a heat advisory for tomorrow afternoon. >> on the east side of johns hopkins. it is a little loud with the construction, but it does not take away from maryland wine week. >> and on the road again where we caught up with the miracle on the hudson plane. the cracks and one tiger will remain invisible for the u.s. open -- >> and one tiger will remain invisible for the u.s. open, while a very different type reports on a full-court press.
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>> the miracle on the hudson plane is heading south tonight. it was more than two years ago that the plane hit a flock of birds and the pilot made before the emergency landing on the hudson river. the plane will be on display at the aviation museum. you can see video of a traveling through maryland at, click on and slide shows. this weekend you can have your wine and eat it, too. >> the recipes are cooked with local wine. jennifer franciotti has more. >> chef irene smith is getting ready for the day in her normal tuesday spot near johns hopkins hospital. she owns this sandwich shop of
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around the city. >> our goal is to use mostly maryland ingredients. >> five soups with staff made from maryland wine. it is a collaboration of local wineries, restaurants and wine shops. >> we are hosting winemaker dinners, offering special menus or tastings across the state. >> shatz irene says coming up with their recipes it has been exciting. >> it has been such a challenge. it is so wonderful for a shafter be given the challenge of using as many wines as we can. >> this chilled dairy suit calls for a bowl full of fresh suit. >> he will take it and add some cranberry juice. again, i add fresh leaves. a little bit of lemon zest.
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>> cook it all together and after letting it chill for about three hours, it is time for the maryland wine. >> this is semi sweet red. it is delicious. >> irene uses the whole bottle. there are now 50 maryland wineries making award winning wines for every palate. if your have not tried them lay the, winery officials say now is the perfect time. the crack>> it culminates with g festival in cockeysville. to find out more, go to >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. -- >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. back to 90 -- >> back to 90 degrees today and it is going to get even hotter.
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all 93 -- only 93 at the inner harbor. well above that and getting even harder the next couple of days. the record low, 47 going back to 1894. no rain around baltimore today, but not too far away, heavy showers and thunderstorms rolling through the western mountains. the storms are tracking west and south now. they are turning back west through southwest virginia and no real threat to us. those high clouds will diminish and move away as the nine moves on. temperatures in the 80's to 91 degrees in downtown baltimore. 86 in frederick. 68 degrees at oakland at this hour. around baltimore tonight, skies
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are clear. sun goes down at 8:31 p.m. then we crank up the heat and humidity tomorrow. during the afternoon, what it feels like on your skin is likely to go above 100. then in calvert and st. mary's county boys back into frederick county, a heat advisory. an excessive heat warning in philadelphia. it could be dangerous if you do not slow down and take the normal precautions. ?here is the heat coming from the northwest. 102 degrees in minneapolis right now. 96 in chicago. on the edge of the key right now, that is where we are getting these thunderstorms popping up. high pressure off the carolina coast will be pumping in the high heat and humidity.
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it will feel like 100, 101 in the afternoon tomorrow. southwest winds on the bay, but not much breeze on the open waters. that will keep waters less than a foot with a water temperatures ranging through the low to mid 70's. around the bay from san marcos over to george island -- st. michael's over to george allen, a nice bayberries. away from that, a scorcher. inland towards ellsbury, of to 94 or so. -- toward salsbury, up to 94 or so. thank tilikum i did not look like a storm is ready to form, only eight -- thankfully, it does not look like a storm is
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ready to form. only about a 10% chance. the heat and humidity will bring as a slight chance for thunderstorms thursday night and scattered storms on friday. the temperatures will drop back with a couple of showers saturday and sunday. >> the orioles continue with their picture focus in the draft. -- pitcher focus in the draft. right-hander michael wright from east carolina in the third round. heil simon in the fourth round. -- heil simon in the fourth round. -- kyle simon in the fourth round. nolan and rym old on the rhine and fouled territory.
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he makes the grad. only one out. and in the fifth, it is rhinegold again. -- rimold again. that has wasted no time sharing the credit after its first win of the season. >> it feels good anytime you get four runs out on the board and is still pretty comfortable. defense was great today, adam jones making spectacular catches and making great plays in left field. -- and -- nolan making great plays in left field. >> hoping for a far better debut with the o's as a starter. guillermo will be their starter. if you had planned to cut out of
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work a little early next week to watch tighter around the opening round at the u.s. open, time to redirect your focus back at the office. he withdrew today -- citing lingering problems. here is me and achilles in the masters earlier this year. -- he hurt his knee and achilles in the masters earlier this year. the u.s. open begins next thursday at congressional club in bethesda. the tigers continue to find ways to put their mark on college basketball. toes and has created national buzz with its plan to -- towson has created national buzz with its plans to put a tiger stripes on the eri nab. -- on the arena.
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they will open the new tiger arena in 785 days. today, the international olympic committee granted nbc broadcast rights to the 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 games. nbc is paying $4.4 billion in broadcast rights to secure the deal. stick around, we have a far more
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>> the the political world is closing in on congressman anthony wiener. tonight at 11:00 p.m., the fallout after the new york
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democrat lied about tweeting a nude photo of himself. and also, a man is charged for animal cruelty. why police say he went too far when he shot and killed a pit bull.
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